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Dosing Rates For Microbe Process Enhancers By ProLake™

Dosing Rates For Microbe Process Enhancers By ProLake™

Dosing rates for microbe process enhancers (also called bio-enzymes) are dependent on the size and condition of the lagoon. Another important factor is the dissolved oxygen levels present in the lagoon. Below are some guidelines for determining the correct method and dosing rate to achieve the optimal results.

Dosing Rate Every 10 Days

1/4 Acre 1.5 lbs .5 lbs 1.5 lbs
1/2 Acre 3 lbs 1 lb 3 lbs
3/4 Acre 4.5 lbs 1.5 lbs 4.5  lbs
1 Acre 6 lbs 2 lbs 6 lbs
3 Acres 18 lbs 6 lbs 18 lbs
5 Acres 30 lbs 10 lbs 30 lbs

Initial Dose

At the beginning of the program, the dosage rate for microbes is triple the maintenance dose. This heavier dose establishes a healthy population of bio-enzymes and microbes in the lagoon. This initial dose is given once unless the lagoon is severely eutrophic.

Initial Dose for Severely Overgrown Lagoons (Eutrophic)

A eutrophic lagoon is one that is overgrown with aquatic plants. Lagoons that are severely eutrophic will require additional heavy doses. Where a typical initial dose is given once, a eutrophic lagoon will require about 6 initial doses.

Maintenance Doses

Maintenance doses of microbe process enhancers are administered every 10 days. Maintenance doses should continue indefinitely to maintain a healthy treatment system.

Estimate The Area of Your Lagoon

Here are a couple calculators for estimating the area of your lagoon in acres.


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