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Wastewater Pond and Lagoon Odor Control

Wastewater Lagoon Odor Control and Pond Odor Control

Does your wastewater lagoon or pond stink? Are you wanting to control odors that are offending your campers or neighbors? Lagoon odor control is a common goal for operators. Fear not, solving and preventing odor problems in lagoon or pond treatment systems is achievable.

Floating sludge

How to control wastewater lagoon or pond odors:

  1. Remove accumulated sludge from the bottom of the pond or lagoon.
  2. Increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels of the water.
  3. Dose with beneficial microbes.
  4. Ensure the water in the lagoon or pond is properly mixed.

Causes of Lagoon or Pond Odor:

Many wastewater lagoon operators want to achieve lagoon odor control. While most people assume that odors are a prerequisite for a wastewater lagoon, odor is a sign that your treatment process is not working correctly. If you can correct your wastewater treatment issues, you can control lagoon odor at the same time. Correcting a treatment process and controlling lagoon odors typically boils down to a few factors. Odor typically has two causes: Sludge accumulation and low dissolved oxygen levels.

Cause #1: Sludge Accumulation

As a wastewater lagoon or pond ages, sludge accumulates on the bottom. This sludge is composed of insoluble BOD combined with dead bacteria, live bacteria and inorganics. This accumulation of sludge can be accelerated in cold climates where the bacteria digest at a slower rate for the slower months of the year.

As sludge builds up on the bottom, it forms what is called a “sludge blanket”. If a sludge blanket is 12 inches deep, only the top 2 inches or so will remain oxygenated. The rest of the sludge blanket will be anaerobic. An anaerobic environment is one that is devoid of oxygen. Anaerobic environments are where much of the lagoon or pond odors come from. A thicker sludge blanket will create more noticeable odors. These odors will rise out of the sludge to the surface. Warmer weather and higher water turnover will cause these odors to rise faster.

Solution: Remove the Sludge

Removing the accumulated sludge from the bottom of your pond and preventing new accumulation is a crucial first step to controlling lagoon odors. See our wastewater lagoon sludge control page for detailed solutions for removing sludge from your lagoon.

Cause #2: Low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Levels

Some odors can come from the digestion of soluble organics and BOD in the water. During the warm summer months, bacteria is most active. As bacteria populations become more active, they consume more oxygen. If your aeration system provides the same amount of oxygen year around, you may be under-aerating during the summer months and your lagoon’s DO level may be falling too low. If the DO level of a lagoon or pond falls too low, anaerobic conditions similar to what happens in the sludge blanket can occur in the water itself.

Solution: Raise the DO Levels by Installing an Aeration System

The solution to this is to have a properly sized aeration system capable of aerating and mixing your lagoon year-around. By utilizing an aeration system utilizing laminar flow technology, you can ensure that you are getting maximum oxygen absorption and complete mixing of your lagoon or pond. Mixing your lagoon or pond will ensure that specific areas that become anaerobic zones do not have a chance to form.

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