Wholesale Supplier of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Equipment and Solutions

If you own or operate a water or wastewater treatment facility, Clear Water Supply is your single source supplier of all your equipment and supply needs. Our goal is to combine the same selection of brands and equipment as the larger catalog companies with a personal level of attention and service regardless of the scale of your facility. Our product offerings include:

  • Pumps
  • Flow control valves
  • Flow metering equipment
  • Control panels
  • Remote monitoring equipment (SCADA)
  • Tanks
  • Primary screening equipment
  • Aeration equipment
  • Disinfection equipment
  • Tertiary filters
  • Sludge dewatering equipment and Polymers
  • Bio-Nutrients and process enhancers
  • Pipe and fittings
  • Lab and testing equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Cleaning and office supplies

Clear Water Supply can assist your company with scheduled shipments on items that you need on a regular basis. Just tell us the products you want and how frequently you want them delivered.

We can provide everything you need in a convenient one stop shopping experience.

The Right Fit for You

Whether you have a private small-scale water or wastewater treatment system, a rural municipal system or even a larger urban treatment system, we can help you obtain the equipment and consumables you need. We strive to find innovative technologies to address the various challenges and goals our clients face.

Having Equipment or Operational Issues?

One of our strengths is our ability to assess different issues and offer solutions and alternatives to various problems operators face. Many wastewater treatment systems are old and not well maintained. These systems often require upgrades and replacements to existing equipment. We provide wastewater treatment facility evaluations to find solutions that will improve treatment efficiency and lower operational costs.

Aid for Lagoon Treatment Systems

Do you own or operate a wastewater treatment lagoon system that needs assistance? Our partnership with Waste Stream Technologies will allow us to help resolve your issues!

WST specializes in wastewater treatment and biological waste stream treatment technologies that are based on real science. Utilizing an in-house Microbiology team, WST is constantly looking for new microorganisms and techniques to benefit the treatment of wastewater and innovative bioremediation technologies including:

  • Off the grid solar aeration systems
  • Low HP electrical aeration
  • Specialized microbes for the treatment of waste streams

WST has achieved results that have been proven in real world applications including field and laboratory research, and is backed by a number of patents.

See our Waste Stream Technologies page for more information on WST and their solutions. CLICK HERE

To go to Waste Stream Technologies website CLICK HERE

Licensed Distributor for Blue River Technologies

Blue River Technologies manufactures a complete line of geotextile dewatering systems. Including Dewatering Towers that provide a low cost, low maintenance but highly efficient waste water management for small to medium sized operations. Blue River produces Geotextile Dewatering Bags for both container and bed/ground uses.

Clear Water Supply has a full line of products that work with Blue River systems such as Polymers and Flocculant Mixing and Injection Systems.

Logos of Brands We Carry

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us at (877) 788-0604 or info@cwscol.com and we’ll help you find it.