We specialize in servicing RV parks, Campgrounds, rural developments and small commercial projects.

At Clear Water Supply, we provide wastewater equipment and design for onsite aerobic wastewater treatment systems, aeration systems for wastewater lagoons and ponds and biological supplements to aid all treatment processes.

We solve wastewater problems for our customers like:

  • Odor problems
  • Discharge violations
  • A lagoon or pond that is overgrown with weeds and algae
  • A buildup of sludge on the bottom of a lagoon or pond
  • Sludge floating on the surface of a lagoon or pond
  • Cloudy and or smelly lagoon or pond
  • Fish kill
  • Old septic systems that need replacement or conversion to aerobic
  • Old wastewater treatment systems that need replacement

We provide solutions that are low cost, easy to install and provide almost immediate results.

Try a solution for as little as $100!!!

If you have one or more of these problems, give us a call and do something about it today!

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Aid for Lagoon Treatment SystemsSludge build up in a lagoon

Do you own or operate a wastewater treatment lagoon system that needs assistance? Our partnership with ProLake™ by Keeton Industries will allow us to help resolve your issues!

ProLake™ specializes in wastewater treatment and biological waste stream treatment technologies that are based on real science. Utilizing an in-house Microbiology team, ProLake™ is constantly looking for new microorganisms and techniques to benefit the treatment of wastewater and innovative bioremediation technologies including:

  • Off the grid solar aeration systems
  • Low HP electrical aeration
  • Specialized microbes for the treatment of waste streams

ProLake™ has achieved results that have been proven in real world applications including field and laboratory research, and is backed by a number of patents.

See our Keeton Industries page for more information on ProLake™ and their solutions. CLICK HERE


Have you been told that you need to dredge your lagoon or pond?

This is an incredibly expensive proposition and your lagoon will have to be shut down during the process. It also doesn’t address the cause of the sludge buildup.

GOOD NEWS!!! You may not have to dredge!

We offer solutions which combine aeration and biological additives that target the buildup of sludge on the bottom of lagoons and ponds. Not only are these solutions much cheaper than dredging, they address the cause of the sludge buildup in the first place! Our solutions create an ideal aerobic environment that results in lagoons that have clear water, no odor, low weed growth and better wastewater treatment performance.

See our Wastewater Lagoon Sludge Control page for details on our solutions CLICK HERE

Microbe Blends by ProLake™

ProLake™ creates microbes and microbe blends that make quick work of high strength organic waste. Available in tablets or bagged powder form, ProLake™ blends are highly effective in breaking down organic nutrients in lagoons.

Using ProLake™ Microbe Blends can be a highly effective and cost-saving solution for wastewater treatment lagoons!

Clear Water Supply is excited to offer a new, innovative aerobic treatment system!

The Clear Water Supply CWE-1500ABIG BLUE” is an on-site aerobic wastewater treatment system (known as ATS, OSSF, ATU, OWTS and various other terms) designed to treat up to 1,500 gallons per day from residential or similar sources. BIG BLUE is an effective system for many different types of applications including private residences, RV parks and campgrounds provided they produce non-industrial strength waste streams. The BIG BLUE aerobic wastewater treatment system is designed to produce at least 30 mg/l BOD & 30 mg/l TSS effluent quality which meets NSF Class I residential treatment system standards.

At Clear Water Supply, our goal is to be the premiere supplier of on-site aerobic wastewater treatment systems in Colorado and the USA! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

onsite residential aerobic wastewater treatment system

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