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Pond Algae Control

Pond Algae Control

Pond algae control is important for a healthy treatment system. Algae growth is a common problem with ponds and wastewater lagoons. It grows on the surface of the water and during hotter summer months, can cover a pond.

Why is algae bad for a pond?

    • Algae can be a source of odor
    • Algae covering the surface of a pond is unsightly
    • Algae consumes oxygen so it lowers the dissolved oxygen levels in the water which hinders the treatment process and kills fish
    • Algae increases the TSS levels in a lagoon and can cause a breach of the permit effluent limitations

How does algae form on top of a pond or lagoon?

Warmer Temperatures

As the weather gets warmer, water temperatures increase as well. Algae goes dormant in the winter and flourishes in the summer. Warmer temperatures are a great environment for algae growth.

High Nutrient Content

High nutrient levels in the water are the main cause of Algae coverage on a lagoon or pond. Increased levels of BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus feed the algae and encourage its growth. Of course, a wastewater lagoon is going to have higher levels of nutrients than other bodies of water. If a wastewater treatment lagoon is doing its job correctly however, there should not be extensive algae growth on the surface. The presence of algae is therefore an indicator that the treatment process is not removing enough of the nutrients in the wastewater it is treating.

Insufficient Mixing

The natural habitat for algae is the surface of the water. The stagnant motionless surface of a body of water will not disturb or inhibit the growing algae.

Red Wastewater Lagoon.

How to get rid of algae on a Pond:

  1. If possible, rake and remove existing algae as much as possible.
  2. Add an aeration system or increase the amount of air being injected into the pond.
  3. Dose the pond with microbes
  4. If the aeration system does not disturb the surface much, consider adding a mixer to the pond

How to keep Algae from Growing on a Lagoon or Pond

Lagoon Algae Control Begins with Improving Treatment Performance

Removing more of the nutrients through the treatment process will leave less nutrients for the algae. Treatment performance can be improved and maintained by ensuring that there is a healthy supply of bacteria to consume the nutrients and enough DO in the water to support the bacteria. This is accomplished by installing and maintaining the aeration system of the lagoon and, if required, adding bio-enzymes or microbes to assist the treatment process. Observing both the algae growth and the color of the water can help the operator determine if the air supply needs to be increased or the biological treatment process needs augmentation. Clear blue water is the goal. A green or brown color can indicate the need for more air.

We offer bio-enzymes and microbes by ProLake™ which are formulated specifically for wastewater lagoons and ponds. We can custom tailor a dosage regimen to allow you to bring your lagoon back to a healthy state!

Proper Mixing is Another Way to Achieve Lagoon Algae Control

If the surface of the water is disturbed, the habitat for the algae is disturbed as well. Making sure the surface of your pond is turbulent will disrupt algae growth. You may still have some algae around the edges of your pond but that is certainly preferable to complete coverage. To accomplish this you can use fine bubble or coarse bubble diffusers or surface aerators. Fine bubble diffusers have the best oxygen transfer efficiency but do not create as much mixing and disturbance as coarse bubble diffusers. Surface aerators create the greatest amount of disturbance but they do not distribute that disturbance across the pond in an even fashion.

We offer aeration systems by ProLake™ which utilize Laminar flow technology. This technology allows us to offer you a system that provides the oxygen transfer of fine bubble diffusers and the mixing action of coarse bubble diffusers.

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At Clear Water Supply, we offer a full line of solutions by ProLake™. These solutions are custom tailored for wastewater lagoon and pond operators and owners to solve their algae control problems. We are not out to just sell product. We want to develop relationships and work with each of our clients to make sure they have exactly what they need to solve their current problems and avoid future ones.

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