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Onsite Aerobic Treatment System CWE-1500A Features

Onsite Aerobic Treatment System CWE-1500A Features

Onsite Aerobic Treatment System CWE-1500A Features

Features of Clear Water Supply’s “BIG BLUE” Residential Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System

  1. NSF 61 Sealed Fiberglass Tank: The BIG BLUE tank, access ports and covers are constructed from blue gel coated fiberglass manufactured by our partner facility here in Colorado.
  2. Inlet: Untreated wastewater enters the system through the inlet into the pretreatment chamber.
  3. Pretreatment Chamber: Solids are separated from the wastewater by gravity and anaerobic bacteria preconditions it.
  4. Aeration Chamber: Aerobic microorganisms consume the pollutants in the wastewater. Aerobic microorganisms are much more active and treat wastewater faster and more completely than anaerobic microorganisms found in septic tank systems.
  5. Aeration System: Our aeration system has no moving parts inside of the tank. Air is provided by a surface mounted air compressor unit and directed to fine bubble diffusers located on the bottom of the aeration chamber. Living aerobic microorganisms require an abundant supply of air to fully digest and treat wastewater inside the aeration chamber.
  6. Clarification Chamber: The aerobically treated wastewater is slowed allowing the aerobic microbe-rich solids to settle out and back into the aeration chamber as activated sludge.
  7. Outlet: Only clear and odorless water exits the system here for optional disinfection or disposal to the environment.
  8. Activated Carbon Air Filters: All air vented from the system is passed through activated carbon air filters. The air filters utilize activated carbon packets that are inexpensive and easily changed out from the ground surface without opening the tank.
  9. Alarm System: Should the water levels rise to a point where the sewage could back up into the inlet pipe, an alarm and light on the surface will provide notification. The system utilizes mechanical floats just like many full-size wastewater treatment plants.

CWE-1500A “BIG BLUE” Residential Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System

The CWE-1500A “BIG BLUE” aerobic treatment system is an alternative to a problematic septic tank featuring a state-of-the-art design for domestic wastewater treatment. Utilizing the extended aeration process, the Blue plant provides pretreatment, aeration, clarification within a single sealed fiberglass tank. There are no mechanical components located within the tank. All mechanical components are located above the ground surface for easy maintenance. The Blue plant does not utilize gadgets or proprietary equipment to treat the wastewater which results in simpler operation, more consistent treatment along with lower maintenance requirements.

Engineered for residential wastewater flows up to 1,500 gallons per day, the Blue system is a great option for houses, camp grounds, RV parks or other non-industrial applications. Sold exclusively by Clear Water Supply, each Blue system tank is manufactured and installed under our close supervision and collaboration with our partners.

A Great Value

The CWE-1500A “BIG BLUE” aerobic treatment system is a great value. It is priced far below most all other systems on the market. Furthermore, the Blue system uses less mechanical equipment and therefore requires less maintenance than other systems. When maintenance is required, the equipment is above the ground surface and does not necessitate entry into the treatment tank. The parts used to maintain the system are inexpensive and easy to replace.

With no motors or pumps required, operation costs are limited to electricity for the air compressors. Clear Water Supply also offers solar powered systems for those who want a self-sufficient or “off the grid” system.

We Call It Big But It Is Actually Compact In Size

The “BIG BLUE” aerobic treatment system is small enough to fit in a standard 9′ x 18′ parking space.

Park it where you want to. The CWE-1500A “Blue” aerobic treatment system is small enough to fit in a standard parking space!

Optional Chlorine Disinfection System

The CWE-1500A “BIG BLUE” aerobic treatment system is the most reliable, maintenance-free method of wastewater treatment available for homes, camp grounds, RV parks or other non-industrial applications. It also offers the flexibility of adding additional treatment equipment to further improve effluent quality prior to discharge.

Clear Water Supply offers a chlorine disinfection system as an optional addition to the BIG BLUE tank for the killing of pathogens that may be present in the clear effluent. Our disinfection system features tablet feeders for chlorination and de-chlorination. These tablet feeders require no adjustment, are maintenance free and are refilled from the ground surface using feeding tubes. In between the tablet feeders is a basin featuring baffles for providing the necessary contact time for the chlorine to kill and render harmless, all of the pathogens remaining in the effluent water. The basin has no moving parts and requires no maintenance.

Flow Equalization and Lift Stations

The CWE-1500A “BIG BLUE” aerobic treatment system can be combines with lift stations and flow equalization to further improve the system capabilities and allow for installation at different elevations. Clear Water Supply can offer these additions as pre-engineered or custom designed as you need.