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Wastewater Pond and Lagoon Rehabilitation

Wastewater Pond and Lagoon Rehabilitation

Wastewater Lagoon Rehabilitation

Lagoon rehabilitation involves addressing the health of the treatment system. A wastewater lagoon or pond that needs rehabilitation can exhibit several issues.

How to tell if a pond needs rehabilitation:

      1. Odor problems
      2. Poor or inconsistent treatment performance
      3. Algae growth taking over the lagoon surface
      4. Excessive sludge accumulation on the bottom and/or floating on the surface
      5. Water discoloration

In addition, the EPA is increasing the discharge requirements of lagoon systems. Systems that are on the fence now will soon be out of compliance and could be subject to fines or worse.

How to Rehabilitate a Wastewater Lagoon or Pond

Rehabilitation of a wastewater lagoon or pond typically involves a comprehensive approach which will address all of the above issues. This comprehensive approach will accomplish the following:

    • Create an aerobic environment for optimal waste digestion and water quality
    • Provide beneficial bio-enzymes and microbes for solids digestion

Creating an Aerobic Environment

Creating and maintaining an aerobic environment is accomplished by designing and installing a properly sized aeration system. The aeration system should evenly distribute oxygen and provide sufficient mixing to the lagoon or pond. Proper mixing will keep excessive amounts of solids and sludge from settling, provide maximum contact between the bacteria and nutrients and help prevent algae from forming on the surface.

Beneficial Bio-Enzymes and Microbes for Wastewater Lagoons and Ponds

Bringing an overloaded, struggling biological treatment process back to a healthy state often requires the addition of beneficial bio-enzymes and microbes. Adding these bio-enzymes and microbes can reduce BOD, TSS, phosphorus, ammonia and consume fats, oils and greases. These additions are typically added at a higher rate at the beginning and then scaled back to maintain a healthy treatment process.

Red Wastewater Lagoon.

“Red is Dead” as they say. This wastewater lagoon had a thick layer of old sludge on the bottom. The sludge was broken up with the new, sub-surface aeration system. Unfortunately, the bacteria in the lagoon was killed by whatever toxic substance was is the sludge. With continued aeration and extra doses of microbes, this lagoon will be in good shape in no time.

We provide evaluations and custom solutions for the rehabilitation of wastewater lagoons and ponds

We offer complete solutions by ProLake™. As opposed to just selling products, we offer complete solutions. We work directly with lagoon operators and owners to address their specific needs and concerns. This allows us to develop effective programs to solve our client’s lagoon problems. These programs often cost a fraction of what our competition offers. Our solutions address every aspect of wastewater treatment lagoon operation including:

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