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Lagoon Bio-Enzymes by ProLake™

Lagoon Bio-Enzymes by ProLake™

Lagoon Bio-Enzymes by ProLake™

If you are looking for lagoon bio-enzymes, you have come to the right place! You can stop buying random additives for your wastewater lagoon or pond. We offer industrial-strength bio-enzyme products that are formulated to solve your problems. Are you experiencing some of the following issues?:

Clear Water Supply can assist you with solving any of these problems. We can develop a dosing program and provide you with the bio-enzymes you need for your lagoon.

See our Dosing Rate page for guidelines for how much bio-enzymes to use.

Microbes and Microbe Blends by ProLake™

ProLake™ creates microbes and microbe blends that make quick work of high strength organic waste. Available in tablets or bagged powder form, ProLake™ blends are highly effective in breaking down organic nutrients in lagoons.

Using ProLake™ Microbe Blends can be a highly effective and cost-saving solution for wastewater treatment lagoons!

Are You Also Having Equipment or Operational Issues?

One of our strengths is our ability to assess different issues and offer solutions and alternatives to various problems Lagoon operators face. Let’s face it, many wastewater treatment lagoons are old and not well maintained. These lagoons often require upgrades and replacements to existing equipment. We provide wastewater treatment lagoon evaluations to find solutions that will improve treatment efficiency and lower operational costs. Some of these solutions include:

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