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Onsite Aerobic Treatment System CWE-1500A

Onsite Aerobic Treatment System CWE-1500A

Clear water supply is excited to offer a new, innovative onsite aerobic treatment system!

The Clear Water Supply CWE-1500A “BIG BLUE” is an on-site residential aerobic wastewater treatment system (known as ATS, OSSF, ATU, OWTS and various other terms) designed to treat up to 1,500 gallons per day from residential or similar sources. It employs the well-established extended aeration wastewater treatment processes that has been commonly used for decades. The BIG BLUE aerobic wastewater treatment system is a effective system for many different types of applications including private residences, RV parks and campgrounds provided they produce non-industrial strength waste streams. BIG BLUE is designed to produce at least 30 mg/l BOD & 30 mg/l TSS effluent quality which meets NSF Class I residential treatment system standards.

  • No internal moving parts for the treatment process
  • Gravity is used for process flow and therefore is not disrupted by power outages
  • Pre-treatment tank included in system
  • Suspended growth / no media to change out
  • Tank design provides maximum mixing, biological contact and eliminates dead zones
  • Tank manufactured to NSF 61 Standards
  • Tank constructed out of corrosion proof fiberglass
  • Mechanical components are located above grade for easy maintenance
  • No proprietary “gizmos” to treat water
  • System requires minimal maintenance
  • System can be combined with lift stations and additional treatment equipment


Low Profile

The BIG BLUE aerobic wastewater treatment system is a quiet on-site residential aerobic wastewater treatment system. It has a low odor profile using activated carbon air filters which are easy to replace without opening the tank. The BIG BLUE tank is installed underground with access port openings being 6” above finished grade. A small air supply compressor less than 3’ high can be placed in a shed, shelter or out in the elements.

Complete Mixing

The unique design of the tank of the BIG BLUE aerobic wastewater treatment system is what sets it apart from other on-site residential aerobic wastewater treatment system on the market. While most systems use a basic tank shape, our tank has been custom designed and fabricated with the function of the treatment process in mind. The aerobic chamber has been designed to eliminate areas where solids can settle and become septic. The tank design also facilitates maximum contact between the treatment bacteria, the pollutant “food” and the oxygen being introduced into the system.

Easy Maintenance

One issue with onsite residential aerobic wastewater treatment systems is maintenance. Most systems use pumps, mixers, filters and a lot of mechanical equipment in their tanks. The BIG BLUE aerobic wastewater treatment system was designed to be easy to maintain. All system mechanical equipment can be serviced without accessing the inside of the tank. All equipment inside the tank requires little to no maintenance. The equipment is non-proprietary and replacement parts are available either from us or on the open market.


The system is built to function for a long, long time. The aerobic treatment tank is built to NSF 61 standards by a licensed facility out of gel-coated fiberglass. This provides a corrosion-proof long-lasting tank that requires no maintenance or sealing. The components in the tank are corrosion proof or corrosion resistant and have no moving parts.


We can provide the treatment system can be provided as stand-alone or in conjunction with lift stations, additional treatment equipment like flow equalization, disinfection, filters and leech field equipment.

Design Support

We offer the treatment system as “equipment only” or provide assistance with permitting and design support as your application requires for an additional fee.

At Clear Water Supply, our goal is to be the premiere supplier of on-site aerobic wastewater treatment systems in Colorado and the USA!

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