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Microbes and Microbe Blends For Wastewater Treatment

Microbes and Microbe Blends For Wastewater Treatment

Microbes and Microbe Blends For Wastewater Treatment

What are Microbes and Microbe Blends?

Microbe and Microbe blends are engineered products that contain the bacteria needed for wastewater treatment. Wastewater is contaminated with different organics, nitrogen, ammonia and various compounds that consume oxygen. Too much of these compounds creates unhealthy lagoon conditions and unpleasant odors. To rid a lagoon of these undesirable conditions, bacteria and oxygen are required in sufficient amounts to oxidize, or consume these contaminants.

Microbes and microbe blends can go by other different terms. These terms include: “bio”, “bio-enzymes”, “bio-activator” and “wastewater process enhancer” to name a few.

What do Microbes and Microbe Blends Do?

Microbe and microbe blend products bolster the population of bacteria that consume pollutants in wastewater. In an activated sludge wastewater plant, sludge is recycled from the downstream end of the plant to the upstream end. This sludge contains bacteria that consume the pollutants in the wastewater. Most lagoon wastewater treatment systems do not have systems for recycling sludge. Adding microbes and microbe blends achieves the same objective as sludge recycling; increasing the bacteria population in the lagoon.

Why Should You Use Microbes and Microbe Blends?

Bacteria are required for the biological process of consuming nutrients in wastewater treatment. Bacteria break down compounds such as nitrogen, ammonia, carbon, and can incorporate phosphorus as well. If these compounds are not consumed in sufficient quantities, undesirable conditions can arise. These conditions can include: Odor problems, excessive algae growth, sludge buildup and incomplete treatment of wastewater (permit violation). By following a microbe dosing program, an adequate population of bacteria can be maintained and the above conditions can be avoided or fixed.

Waste Sludge Reducer wastewater lagoon bio-enzymes and septic system bio-enzymes bags ready to add to pond

Our Bio-Enzymes come in water soluble bags and do not require special handling.

Where can you use Microbes and Microbe Blends?

Anywhere you store, transport or treat wastewater or want to get rid of excess nutrients in water. Microbes and microbe blends can be used in wastewater treatment plants, lagoons, ponds, lakes lift stations, grease traps and septic systems. Have a look at our pages for more information on microbes or “bio-enzymes”:

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Microbes and Microbe Blends by ProLake™

ProLake™ creates microbes and microbe blends that make quick work of high strength organic waste. Available in tablets or bagged powder form, ProLake™ blends are highly effective in breaking down organic nutrients in lagoons.

Using ProLake™ Microbe Blends can be a highly effective and cost-saving solution for wastewater treatment lagoons!