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How to use Bio-Enzymes, Microbes and Bio-Activators in a Lagoon, Pond or Septic Tank System

How to use Bio-Enzymes, Microbes and Bio-Activators in a Lagoon, Pond or Septic Tank System

How to use Bio-Enzymes, Microbes and Bio-Activators in a Lagoon, Pond or Septic Tank System

When your wastewater treatment lagoon or septic system starts to fail or falter, one solution is to add a product containing a blend of microbes to restore system equilibrium. Typical situations where knowing how to use bio-enzymes may help would be:

  • Overloaded systems (lagoons or ponds)
  • Systems suffering from an over-accumulation of sludge (lagoons, ponds or septic tanks)
  • Unhealthy bacteria population (lagoons or ponds)

How Bio-Enzymes, Microbes and Bio-Activators Work

These microbe blend products work by increasing the population of pollution consuming bacteria in the lagoon or septic tank system. The bacteria not only consume the pollutants in the wastewater but also the sludge that has accumulated in the system as well. By consuming the sludge, more volume is freed for treatment of wastewater which in turn lowers the loading of the pond or septic tank.

A Quick Note on Establishing and Maintaining Beneficial Bacteria

For bacteria to flourish, it needs a proper amount of dissolved oxygen (DO). Many lagoons and septic tanks lack enough DO to support these bacteria which is why they are having a problem in the first place. To maximize the effectiveness of the bio-activator used, we advise utilizing an aeration system to ensure that there is enough oxygen present to allow the bacteria to thrive and do their job to the fullest.

How to Use Bio-Enzymes, Microbes and Bio-Activators to a Lagoon, Pond or Septic Tank System

Always follow the guidelines for dosage amount and frequency. If you don’t, your results may be less than optimal and you will be wasting product. There will typically be a building period in the beginning where you will be using more bio-enzymes than normal. Once this building period is complete, you will have a sufficient population of bacteria and will only need to dose enough enzymes to maintain the system.

  1. If you have an aeration system installed, make sure it is operating correctly and turn it on.
  2. Throw the water-soluble bag of enzymes in the middle of the lagoon, pond or septic tank. If using enzymes in pellet form, add the pellets in the area where they need to go.
  3. Follow the dosage schedule exactly and add additional doses as required.
  4. Maintain your aeration system to sustain adequate DO levels.

See our Dosing Rate page for guidelines for how much bio-enzymes to use.

Results of using Bio-Enzymes, Microbes and Bio-Activators

Within a few weeks, you should notice less sludge and less odor in your system. For lagoons and ponds that had a greenish or brownish color water and possibly algae covering the surface, you should notice the water has a more blueish color and the amount of algae should be diminished.

Waste Sludge Reducer bags ready to add to pond

Our Bio-Enzymes come in water soluble bags and do not require special handling.

Waste Sludge Reducer bag floating on pond

The water soluble bag floats on the water temporarily and the bio-enzymes are released into the pond.

Use The Right Product For the Job

Each microbe product is designed to work in a specific area. The best results are achieved when products are used together. The illustration below shows where each product will have the greatest effect.

Pond cross section showing where microbe blend products work

The yellow portion of the cross section shows how Waste Sludge Reducer and Cold Water Formula have the greatest effect on the main body of water. The blue dots show how the Waste Sludge Reducer Pellets are best suited for the sludge blanket on the floor of the lagoon.

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