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ProLake™ Solutions For Lagoon Treatment Systems

ProLake™ is a culmination of many years’ research and field studies, developing off the grid solar aeration system, low HP electrical aeration and specialized microbes for the treatment of waste streams. The company holds three solar aeration patents and two patents in the area of wastewater treatment and applications for lagoon technologies.

In addition to solar aeration ProLake™ developed effective electrical laminar flow aeration and biological processes that greatly reduce the amount of typical aeration needed to reduce BOD, TSS and TAN. Results that have been proven in real world applications including field and laboratory research, and is backed by a number of patents.

ProLake™ Has the Solution

ProLake™ brings together five proven patented and low cost technologies allowing new and existing lagoon systems to meet EPA and State discharge limits in an environmentally friendly manner. The patented System generates the Aerobic environment for optimal waste digestion and water quality.

  • All solar or low HP electric aerators
  • Adds a super oxygenated solution from production grade oxygen generators
  • Adds oxygen and circulation via micro fine bubble lagoon bottom laminar flow aeration (Duraplates)
  • Provides the addition of beneficial microbes for enhanced solid digestion and ammonia removal
  • Microbe injection or hand application
  • Specialized non-pathogenic bacillus and pseudomonas species
  • Bacteria selected for digestion of waste solids, Phosphorus, Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites
  • For high ammonia content an in-situ bio-filter for enhanced microbial growth environment can be deployed

Competitive Advantages

  • Patented technology – Developed via scientific method with extensive documentation
  • Carbon fixing technology – very “green”
  • System works in warm and cold climates
  • Energy conservation – Lower operations cost
  • At least 80% Reduction in KW consumption
  • Alternative energy credits – Solar
  • Highly efficient aerobic process – Without the cost of installation, operation and maintenance of a traditional mechanical system Installations in CO, WY KS, MO, AR, and CA

Microbial Solutions: Bio-Enzymes, Microbe blends, Bio-activators for Lagoons, Ponds and Septic Tank Systems

See our Dosing Rate page for guidelines for how much bio-enzymes to use.

Microbes and Microbe Blends by ProLake™

ProLake™ creates microbes and microbe blends that make quick work of high strength organic waste. Available in tablets or bagged powder form, ProLake™ blends are highly effective in breaking down organic nutrients in lagoons.

Using ProLake™ Microbe Blends can be a highly effective and cost-saving solution for wastewater treatment lagoons!

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