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RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV Parks and Campgrounds

Do you own an RV park or campground that utilizes old septic tanks or dirty smelly lagoons? Have you been contacted by your state, or been given a deadline to address your wastewater treatment issues? Have you been cited or fined? If so, you are going to have to do something about it!

Compliance With State Requirements

If you have communication or notices to share with us, we can see how to go about addressing them. In many cases, replacing an old septic system with an aerobic system or installing an aeration system and using microbes in a lagoon will address the issues facing the owner of an RV park or campground.

Replace or augment existing septic tanks

The BIG BLUE system can replace or utilize existing septic tanks as holding tanks. Multiple blue systems can be installed in various locations throughout a campground instead of using tanks, pumps and collection lines required for centralized wastewater treatment. The BIG BLUE system also works well as pre-treatment for wastewater lagoons.

Install aeration in an existing lagoon

Utilizing an aeration system in a lagoon will greatly improve the clarity and health of a lagoon or pond. An aeration system will increase the dissolved oxygen levels and mix the water. Increased dissolved oxygen levels will support fish and beneficial microbes which consume waste material in the lagoon or pond. Mixing the water will ensure a uniform environment at all depths in all areas of a pond.

See our Wastewater Aeration page for more information about the types of aeration systems and all of the benefits they offer.

Microbes Will Give Your Lagoon or Pond a Boost

Microbes are responsible for consuming the muck and sludge that builds up in a pond or lagoon. If there is a weak population of microbes, muck and sludge will build up and will affect the clarity of the water and create odor issues. You can add beneficial microbes that have been packaged for use in both warm weather and cold weather. We even carry microbes in tablet form that sink to address sludge buildup on the bottom floor of a pond or lagoon. Microbes are an inexpensive way to greatly improve the environment in and around your pond!