Diffused Air vs Mechanical Wastewater Aeration Systems

Introducing air to a wastewater treatment system or, lagoon or pond is vital to maintaining proper dissolved oxygen (DO) levels for sewage treatment. The process of introducing air is called “aeration”. Aeration brings the wastewater being treated into contact with air with some of the air being absorbed by the wastewater. The aeration process typically

PART 4 Wastewater Lagoon Rehabilitation: Ongoing Operation & Maintenance

Everything done so far has been in the pursuit of two basic goals: Create an aerobic environment for optimal waste digestion and water quality Provide beneficial bio-enzymes and microbes for wastewater treatment and solids digestion Now that the equipment has been installed, it must to utilized as part of a program in order to achieve

PART 3 Wastewater Lagoon Rehabilitation : Aeration System Delivery and Installation

Now that the system layout has been designed, the equipment procured, and the lagoons and site are prepared, it’s time to deliver the equipment and install the aeration system. Delivery If we are assisting you in the installation of your system, we will deliver the equipment ourselves. If you need a boat, we can supply

PART 2 Wastewater Lagoon Rehabilitation : System Design, Equipment Procurement and Site Preparation

What Goes into The Aeration System The aeration system consists of the air delivery system or “air compressor”, weighted tubing and diffusers. We also use small buoys which attach to the diffusers with a cord so the diffusers can be located and retrieved easier after they are installed. General Wastewater Lagoon Aeration System Design We

Wastewater Lagoon Rehabilitation Process, Part 1

Introduction This is a four-part series of blog posts which describe a typical wastewater lagoon rehabilitation. Our hope is that we can provide a little more understanding of how our process works and what to expect. This series will walk you through each step of the process including what needs to happen before, during after